Sunday, May 21, 2017

360 Youth Services

Ted Gladson, Chicago-based founder and former president of Gladson Interactive, gives back to his local community. One of the many nonprofits Ted Gladson donates his time to is 360 Youth Services, which helps young people to succeed in education and life in Chicago and beyond. With counseling, mentoring, and housing programs, the organization gives all young people a chance to grow and thrive.

Founded in 1971 by concerned educators and parents, 360 Youth Services strives to educate young people on the dangers of substance abuse, while also giving those with poor home situations a safe place to stay and the opportunity to continue their education. The programs offered teach youth how to make life-serving choices regarding substance use. It is also considered a safe place for gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual and questioning youth.

Those in the local community who want to be a mentor have the opportunity to volunteer and spend time with young people of ages 18-24. A positive influence in a young person's life can have a lifelong effect. The goal for these youths is for them to become educated, employed and self-sufficient. Volunteers are truly the heart of this committed group.

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