Wednesday, May 31, 2017

360 Youth Services’ Operation Snowball

With a degree in pharmacy from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Ted Gladson founded the Gladson Interactive company in 1971, where he served as president until the company was sold in 2005. Today, Ted Gladson is a board member and president of the Chicago Drug Club, a board member of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Travelers Association, and a supporter of 360 Youth Services. 

360 Youth Services is an organization in DuPage County that provides counseling, substance abuse prevention programs, and transitional housing for homeless youth in the area. One of the organization’s projects is a twice-yearly retreat for high schoolers called Operation Snowball. The name comes from the idea that positive impact can snowball as it’s shared with more and more people. 

The program helps teens deal with the issues they may be facing, especially drugs and alcohol addiction, and aims to increase their self-confidence, communication, leadership, and coping skills. Teens work in groups with peer leaders and adults to get to know each other, participate in fun activities, and have discussions about serious topics like dealing with grief. The program encourages a drug-and-alcohol-free lifestyle and fosters connections between people who share those values.

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